Is there anything more significant than battery life?

Well Okay! Yeah, it’s Oxygen.

But, believe me, you, spending hours with your lappy (laptop), always working and times when you forget your charger; your superpower is your laptop battery life.

Ultimately, all batteries fray away with time sooner or later. Thus, how about you are the smartest one by some minor tweaks and you keep away from reaching your power cord often? Possibly, it depends upon the charging levels, how you cache it, heating range and abstaining the deadly zero percent charging.

You’re probably aware of tricks and tips to keep your laptops battery life enduring, still, you ignore the abstaining activities. Scroll! Learn more to care.

Tech-Savvy Tips for an Enduring Battery Life

Keeping your battery life safe is no big deal! You must always remember that you can’t compare the time spectrum of a battery with someone else. However, try to implement these effective tips to keep your laptops battery life enduring.

#1 – Don’t let it Plugged in For Too Long

Are you slowly killing your laptops’ battery life?

Unintentionally, “YES”

Stop it at once! Don’t let your battery charger plugged in regularly, even though it’s 100% charged. According to Big Laptop Giants, “Once the battery hits 100, most laptops stop charging and diverts the power to the system instead.” Therefore, constantly plugged in laptops have a lesser cycle span as compared with others.

Moreover, it burns hot when kept plugged which destroys the longevity rate. Hence abstain from supporting it with a charger after it touches 100%. Keep on implementing tips to keep your laptops battery life enduring.

#2 – Keep Ambient Temperature – Neither Too Hot Nor Cold

Extreme temperatures doubtlessly are as dangerous as a wired warn laptop user. High exposure to a hot or cold situation can be quite disinfecting as it causes the laptop to work faster and harder. Moreover, it drains the battery faster, is exposed to sunlight, damaged the battery and curtails its useful life. Additionally, not only the temperature but other factors also affect. The most common ones include rendering, compiling, exhausted and a lot of workload.

#3 – Abstain from Letting the Battery Get Zero

Advisably, keep your battery between 40 and 80 percent, thus remember not to let it turn zero. Otherwise, a stroking heart attack will be punched into the battery life. Furthermore, as per the Battery University, “A deep discharge with a full recharge causes undue stress to any battery.” Therefore, it’s high time for us to abstain and follow the top tips to keep your laptops battery life enduring.

Consequently, don’t let your battery die otherwise you have to repair your laptop battery. As per the techno gurus only let discharge your battery fully when installing a new battery. In addition, also try to drain your laptop completely for calibrating the battery gauge that prevents from unprecedented shutdowns; falsify readings and hits to battery life longevity.

Say Yes to Tips! Start Enduring Your Battery’s Life.


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